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Moving Data Protection and Disaster Recovery to the Frontline
Moving Data Protection and Disaster Recovery to the Frontline

Cybersecurity risks to data and business remain on the increase with attack surfaces and threat vectors continually evolving. Ransomware incidents are still hot topics for their shock factors and are certainly costly. Having a tried and tested data protection strategy that mitigates these cybersecurity risks is key to your peace of mind and business continuity.

According to Veeam’s ‘2023 Data Protection Trends’ report, it was noted that 85 percent of the 4,200 business and IT leaders surveyed had reported at least one ransomware attack on their organisation during 2022.

Additionally, according to Veeam, some 80 percent of these organisations paid a ransom to recover their data after a cybersecurity breach. Alarmingly, 21 percent of those organisations failed to regain access to their data.


Nymbis Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Data management, data security, compliance and recovery is made easy with our customisable solutions, powered by Veeam.

Protect all your workloads, whether physical or virtual, on premise or in the cloud. Our solutions are designed to best practice standards, powered by Veeam and highly available, redundant storage architecture.


  • Nymbis Cloud Backup: Offering self-service data protection within Nymbis Cloud
  • Veeam Cloud Backup: Replicate, store and manage your critical business data securely
  • Veeam Backup for M365: Store, recover and manage critical Microsoft 365 data
  • Veeam Licences: Simplified billing and licence management with a single point of contact
  • Disaster Recovery: Solutions built to business specific recovery needs
  • Professional Engineering Services: a range of service options from ad hoc engineering to solution design, build, maintenance and management.


The Veeam ‘2023 Data Protection Trends’ study further reports that when organisations were asked about their most significant data losses suffered during the reporting period, 39 percent of respondents noted that their entire production data set had been successfully encrypted by attackers, or destroyed, while only 55 percent of respondents confirmed that their data was recoverable.

In 2024, data protection strategies will undergo further transformations as the integration of advanced encryption technologies and decentralised identity management systems is expected to enhance data security, ensuring a higher level of confidentiality and integrity.

Overall, our approach to data protection, data security and business continuity continues to align with the evolving needs of a digitally interconnected world ensuring our customers, business partners and end users continue to protect their business-critical data with pragmatic and easy to scale and manage solutions.


Contact us for more information on how best to protect your data and your business.





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