Connect from the digital edge to the world.

In partnership with world class data centre facility providers, harness the power of technology with unprecedented power availability, security and infrastructure operated at global best-practice standards.

Colocation Products

Full Rack

47U, 1.2 metre,

Half Rack

21U shared with
optional extras

4U Rack Space

4U cabinet space plus 2 x 24
port power distribution units

2U Rack Space

Available on

Key Features and Benefits

Ensure your information and systems remain secure, powered up and accessible by hosting in certified data centre facilities with highly available connectivity to the edge of the internet.


Choose an option best suited for your business

Build resilient business systems in uptime-guaranteed facilities and harness the power of direct and secure interconnection through Africa Cloud Exchange by connecting to the largest community of cloud providers, network operators, subsea cable providers, financial ecosystems and global content providers.

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Colocation options

Our Data Centre Partners

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