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Startup Cloud: A secure, high-performance Cloud for all small and startup businesses
Startup Cloud: A secure, high-performance Cloud for all small and startup businesses

Currently in South Africa, the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector provides employment to about 60% of the labour force and accounts for roughly 34% of total gross domestic product (GDP)[1]. It is vital, in the South African context, to enable this economic sector to scale, develop and grow its contribution to the GDP and create jobs. Access to technology, infrastructure and support services that work to nurture this growth are a core focus for a sustainable future.

How the Cloud enables MSME business

By using Cloud Technology enabling MSME business to streamline and automate operations, reach new customers, improve the customer experience, reduce costs and expand product lines, businesses can scale with less friction and budget-related constraints by adopting infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) technology offerings.

Cloud computing, meaning the delivery of computing services over the internet, provides organisations with cost-efficiencies, flexibility and scalability. Choosing the right Cloud Provider and architecture is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your organisation’s operations, performance and cost efficiency.

Nymbis Startup Cloud is designed to enable the use of Cloud computing at low cost, while providing security, performance and scalability for any size business. This includes access to services like Backup and disaster recovery to reduce risk and ensure business continuity. Cloud Computing enables your business to scale and grow without the traditional input costs of operating your own infrastructure.

Nymbis Startup Cloud

Nymbis Cloud Solutions is a VMware Verified Cloud Services Provider, ensuring that the underlying hardware and platform conforms to VMware reference design standards. Startup Cloud allows businesses to run all business applications in a virtual environment and ensures end user access to day-to-day applications in real time.

Our solution architecture and engineering teams will ensure your Cloud adoption strategy is seamless. The service suite includes the following offerings:

  • Planning and migration: This includes environment assessments, planning workshops, migration plans and management services.
  • Scale and functionality: We provide access to a self-service management console; the ability to build your own system’s architecture; click and deploy virtual machine templates; an app launchpad to deploy value-added services; the ability to monitor usage and cost with native monitoring tools; and optional managed services.
  • VMWare Verified: Nymbis Cloud is a software-defined virtual data centre, featuring capabilities that help organisations leverage Cloud technologies for business growth, security and operational efficiency.
  • Multiple use cases: Nymbis Startup Cloud offers ERP systems, CRM applications, Microsoft Active Directory, web application hosting, management platforms including CCTV and IoT, development and test environments, and hybrid cloud test development.

In today’s technology-driven and incredibly fast-paced business environment, small businesses need to remain technology-focused to remain competitive and profitable.


[1] https://www.banking.org.za/what-we-do/sme/


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