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Nymbis Cloud Report Unveils South Africa’s Cloud Landscape in Exquisite Detail
Nymbis Cloud Report Unveils South Africa’s Cloud Landscape in Exquisite Detail

By Sean Rose


  • 70% of South African companies have an active cloud technology adoption strategy
  • Approximately 50% of South African organisations are implementing a cloud-first strategy with 48% planning to move 100% of their workload to the cloud
  • 73% of organisations have migrated storage/archive/backup to the cloud
  • Cost optimisation, cost management and bill shock mitigation remain critical financial priorities for companies


Nymbis Cloud Solutions powered by Vivica Holdings, in partnership with Veeam and Africa Analysis, launched their first South Africa Cloud Report, this year. The report aims to share accurate data on cloud adoption, migration, and innovation specific to the South African landscape. The company wanted relevant local insights and data that would allow for a clearer understanding of South African business expectations and requirements within the cloud narrative, and to create a body of research that represented local data rather than global or continent-based trends.


“Most reports and surveys focus on Africa as a whole or on the global context which meant we didn’t have concise, up-to-date and useful data about South African cloud adoption,” says Sean Rose, Senior Product Manager at Nymbis. “We commissioned the report to gain better insights and to validate that our understanding of the market isn’t just a niche experience, but an overarching representation of the South African market. It includes insights that are relevant to a range of different business stakeholders to allow for informed business decision-making across the C-Suite.”


The report found that up to 70% of South African companies are actively engaged in a cloud technology adoption strategy with a focus on migrating services and implementing changes within tight budget constraints. Around 50% are implementing a cloud-first strategy, 48% are planning to move 100% of their workload to the cloud, and 69% are using a hybrid cloud model. The report unpacks cloud combinations, levels of adoption, challenges inhibiting cloud adoption, and financial management , among other key cloud conversations and priorities.


Most organisations are prioritising convenience, reliability and security with the expectation of flexibility, high performance and five-star service and support. Common themes that arose within the report include:

  • The complexities of bill-cost management and the operating efficiency of the technology stack
  • Mitigating operational risk whilst accelerating cloud adoption, innovation and service delivery
  • Partnering with Service Providers that support a pragmatic approach to technology road mapping
  • Sector-relevant support and advisory services that facilitates and guides organisations to adopt technology solutions which support their unique operating models
  • Cloud adoption is not an all-or-nothing strategy but it remains a strategic business priority


“The report underscored the need for clearer planning and road mapping to improve cost modelling so companies can mitigate the risks around unplanned expenses,” says Rose.


The Nymbis Cloud Report provides an in-depth, research-based analysis of cloud adoption trends in South Africa and looks at ongoing development, adoption and delivery, the factors inhibiting cloud adoption, and global cloud trends mirrored in the country. It can be downloaded here [link] and further information can be found here Nymbis Cloud Solutions Home Page.


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