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Nymbis Adopts 3CX Voice Solution to Transform Business Communications
Nymbis Adopts 3CX Voice Solution to Transform Business Communications

Nymbis Cloud Solutions (Nymbis), a cloud computing, data protection and data centre hosting solutions provider, required an agile and scalable communications platform capable of handling the constantly changing demands of a completely virtual company.


“As a team of more than 40 people geographically dispersed across the country in a completely virtual working environment, we required a solution that would allow us to communicate seamlessly across multiple channels,” says Barry Kemp, Head of Nymbis. “We couldn’t have a PBX on site and the solution we had in place was costing us productivity. What we needed was a fire and forget PBX solution that simply worked, without a hefty price tag or complex licensing.”


Nymbis’ unique business model and requirements led the company to 3CX, an industry leading business communication solutions and software provider with a clear pricing model and plug-and-play capabilities. Coupled with a turnkey offering from Vox, Nymbis also benefited from  high-speed internet connectivity and uncapped voice calling which resulted in a budget friendly solution.  The added benefit of having unlimited users from 3CX’s simple licensing model meant that there are  no per user fees, only an annual cost based on system size and license edition. This was a significant draw-card for Nymbis, as Kemp points out, “The dollar costs of cloud-based PBX solutions, especially with licensing and a fluctuating Rand rate, can catch up with the business quickly. Vox takes care of all of that which results in a predictable telephony bill for our contracted period with no risk of bill shock.”


Another value-add was the seamless onboarding of the PBX solution into the Nymbis environment. Implementation took place within a clear timeline and Vox provided hands-on, onboarding training for employees to ensure they were able to access and use the system easily.


“There’s no point in selling a product without ensuring everyone knows how to use it,” says Natalie van der Merwe, product manager of 3CX at Vox. “This is key to ensuring that customers get real value from their investment.”


It’s a view shared by Kemp, who adds: “Vox provided documentation and training to ensure we can use the system to its full potential and this has made a significant difference to the experience we’ve had, and how we have experienced using the system.”


Part of the installation included the implementation of a telephone management system (TMS) that extracts data from the digital telephone system to provide detailed insights into calling behaviour and costs. Initially, this part of the solution didn’t see a lot of traction in the company as users didn’t initially see the value, but it has now become a critical value-add for the business, offering insights that allow for optimised user behaviours and cost management.


“The TMS has allowed us to gain access to granular reporting that allows us to engage with our sales teams more effectively and to assess which areas of the business are seeing productivity declines or increases,” says Kemp. “It is further enhanced by Atmos, a compliant call recording solution that allows for us to store calls indefinitely – we can then pull up calls and assess performance, manage disputes, refine sales team training and so much more.”


Two other clear benefits for Nymbis have been zero downtime since the solution was implemented and rigorous security. The 3CX solution includes five nines uptime, superb hardware and software, clearly defined processes and robust embedded security. Overall, the 3CX platform has stepped into a hole that Nymbis required filled by an agile and capable communications platform that would deliver exceptional services at the right price.


“We have noticed significantly improved communications capabilities with zero downtime and exceptional security and accessibility. The platform has allowed us to walk away from our slow and complex communications system and gain granular visibility and call performance with a brand we know and trust.”  – Barry Kemp, Head of Nymbis.


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